Call for participants

The Sports Medicine Research Laboratory (LIH) is launching a new large study on running. This study is the first to investigate the running technique and the risk of injury in a cohort of over 800 runners! This is one of the largest groups of runners observed over a period of several months. The aim of the study is to identify the influence of the damping properties of the running shoes, the body weight, as well as the running technique on the risk of injury. Each participant will receive a free pair of running shoes and will be asked to enter all his sports activities onto his TIPPS account.
Shoe sizes available:
Ladies: from 38 to 42
Men: from 42 to 48

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"Some of the most careful and methodical research comes from a small group in Luxembourg, led by Laurent Malisoux, [..]. While many studies have pitted different types of shoes against each other, Malisoux and his colleagues in the Sports Medicine Research Laboratory at the Luxembourg Institute of Health put their volunteers in specially manufactured shoes that are identical in every respect except for the one key feature they want to test."

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